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momentous moments

for intimate souls

KIA ORa & Welcome

To say it’s a privilege to be a wedding and event photographer who takes a fraction in

time & freezes a moment for others hold, to smile at, to reminisce over, to take a moment to tell a friend

about, isn’t doing it justice. Based here in Auckland, New Zealand I have a spirit of adventure and

heavy sprinkle of romance. Through my hands as a wedding and event photographer I

love meeting clients, learning about their stories and getting to be part of it

for their wedding day or special occasion.

Let’s let our stories cross and experience moments we will share for years to come.


Riverside photography_Auckland west coast wedding_Sunset image couple kissing.jpg

Brett & Rebecca

This day was filled with nothing more than family and true friends, a distilled selection of people who have all contributed pieces of the puzzle that led to the start of this new chapter.

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A couple that share passion and adventure will intensely explore life together and shape it in a way only they can.

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Nicole & joehan

From some very impressive stone skimming to fearlessly jumping over an icy stream and running up sand dunes, it was so much fun to shoot! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day and look forward to seeing how they build a home together.

We loved the fun and friendly environment that was created during our photography session. Izak also captured lots
of little details of the setup of our special day which we didn’t even think to ask him about! The overall experience
truly added to the memories of our special day.
— Danielle & Jordan Schache
Izak was absolutely incredible and totally looked after us on our special day. He took charge and knew exactly what to do and made everything so comfortable for us! Even when it was freezing cold at the beach! I cant say thank you enough for our amazing photos and the way they were presented to us.
— Rebecca & Brett
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Who am I?

As with many things in life, I stumbled my way into photography, on a fishing trip to a small spring fed stream in the central Waikato, New Zealand. I was captivated by how framing the world around me with my fathers old Nikon F90, I immediately fell in love with the way I was able to tells stories within a single frame.

Fast forward a few years I bought my first DSLR, went to art school, and further pursued my passion for capturing the world. Inspired by the outdoors, I focused on landscapes and people that fill them. I enjoy looking for stories of adventure, exploration, beauty and not to mention a little romance. I have a drive to make every frame count and to use the skills I have gained from years of camera exploration to bring the most out of every image I create.




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